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If you like to know more about location of the Villa Mar, how far is from most important facilities, services and attractions in the city check this page. If you have no time for longer reading, for faster and more pictorial view of facts open maps Dubrovnik & Lapad.


Old town with his historical and cultural treasures is 3 km far. By the walk you will need approximately half hour, with car 10 to 15 minutes and by public transportation bus 15 to 20 minutes.

City Beach is located 200 meters from villa inside pedestrian zone. You can chose different beaches in a Bay of Lapad. Some of them are white pebbly beaches and some stone beaches. Out of hot season use of outdoor or indoor swimming pools can be arranged in closest hotel, 100 meters from apartments.

Biggest part of the city quarter Bay of Lapad is pedestrian zone. Few steps down from villa and you are on the Lapad’s Promenade. The Promenade shadowed by old pine trees is popular leisure destination for citizens of Dubrovnik. Next to Promenade are tennis courts of Dubrovnik Tennis Club, kid’s playgrounds and small amusement parks. Where Promenade finish hiking track commence. Track pass trough untouched nature following seawater line all the way around Lapad peninsula. Bay of Lapad is perfect for all kinds of recreation, such as: jogging, hiking, bicycling, swimming, snorkeling or other water sports. Hike all the way through the protected forest to the top of Velika Petka hill is a special adventure. View from the peak is breathtaking. View spreads all over Lapad and city of Dubrovnik, Elafiti Islands and open sea. If you do fitness, gym with indoor swimming pool and spa is nearby. We can make reservation for you. However, if you are interested for some other sport club, for instance, diving or sailing club, we‘ll help you to get in touch.

We have our private parking with place for your car. Don’t forget, Dubrovnik is typical Mediterranean city where private parking is real treasure. Charges for public parking places in Dubrovnik depend of city zone. Parking tickets can be bought in most tobacco-newspaper shops.

Orange colored public buses are cheapest way of transportation for those without car. Bus lines 4, 5 & 6 connect Bay of Lapad with Old Town. Line 6 is most frequent bus line in the city with departures every 10 minutes. Line 7 operates in direction to and from Port of Dubrovnik in city quarter Gruž. Bus ticket for city lines cost approximately 1.5 Euro. Bus station is near by Villa Mar. Tickets are easiest to by in nearest tobacco-newspaper shop or in the bus.


Newest type of transportation, during summer season is by speedboat. Speedboats sails from Bay of Lapad to Old Town, Harbour Gruž and Elafiti Islands. Departures are scheduled. Embarkation point is Main Beach in Bay of Lapad. Speedboat transfer is not only most pleasant and very fast way to go in Old Town. Ride is unforgettable experience, because you would be able to see beautiful sceneries sailing nearby rocks of Grebeni Islands, under cliffs of Velika & Mala Petka Hills and finally around Old City Walls to Old Town Harbor Porporela.

Rent-a-car and Rent-a-scoter offices are 50 meters down the street. Fore those interested in water sports equipment such as: jet-ski, boat, kayak, wind surf or other: there is opportunity to do that on several beaches. AirportCentral Bus StationPortDistance to Dubrovnik Airport is 20 km. Villa Mar is 10 minutes ride from Central Bus Station and Port of Dubrovnik. Marina Orsan and Marina Gruz are in city. Biggest Marina Miho Pracat is 8 km away. If you need any information or help regarding tickets purchasing or future traveling we will be glad to help.

Public telephones, cash machines, Internet café, post office and bank are also very close. We can rent our mobile phone with your personal number for symbolic price. Telephone and mobile phone cards can be found in every tobacco-newspaper shop, in souvenir shops and some supermarkets.

Open Market place with daily fresh supply of fruit and vegetables is 5 minutes walk from apartments. On the same location is Shopping Center with big supermarket, bakery, pastry shop and many other shops such as boutiques, shoe-shops, photo-shop, art-gallery, souvenir-shop… Other shopping areas are not far ether.

Bay of Lapad and Old Town are two most popular destinations for nightlife in Dubrovnik. Dozens of bars, restaurants, pizzerias and summer terraces with life music are placed next to Promenade. Not far away is cinema. During July and August Dubrovnik Summer Festival is taking place. Festival offers great choice of classical music concerts, theaters on open stages and folklore shows.

Dubrovnik is university center. There are Marine Faculty, Economy Tourism & Management Faculty and American College. Dubrovnik University is youngest one in Croatia, but plan is to expand rapidly in nearest future. Vision for Dubrovnik is to become city of tourism and studies.

Dubrovnik Uvala Lapad map

Closest pharmacy is 50 meters from Villa Mar. Distance to hospital is 1 km. In case of any health problem or emergency, needs for medicine or dentist... you can count on our assistance 24 hours a day.

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Other information for visitors you can get on the desks of Dubrovnik Touristy Board. One of these offices is 100 m from our accommodation. More information on Internet about Dubrovnik and other destinations in Croatian visit web site

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